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Francesco Caruso Founder, CEO

Born in Milan, classical high school and degree in Business Economics at Bocconi University. Founder of Market Risk Management (Cicli&Mercati), he has over 30 years of operational and management experience in the field.

He is a member of the Scientific Commitee SIAT, creator of Composite Momentum and other indicators and models, MFTA (Master of Financial Technical Analysis). Two times winner of the SIAT Award, winnder of the John Brooks Award and two times winner of the Leonardo d’Oro della Ricerca Finanziaria, he is the author of several books, lecturer in Masters and has been five time speaker at IFTA world conference, at Milan TOL Expo and Rimini ITForum.
First SIAT member to have reached and passed the third level of IFTA exams and to have obtained the certification of MFTA – Master of Financial Technical Analysis.

Member of IFTA Board of Directors from 2016 to 2022. Ordinary Member of AIAF (Italian Association of Financial Analysts) since 2013.

Author of numerous specialized articles and interventions on the main media in the field of economics and finance (Sole 24Ore, Class CNBC, LeFonti TV, etc).

  • Professor of SIAT Master in Technical Analysis and of the Master in Quantitative and Technical Analysis of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.
  • Coordinator and teacher of seminars and technical analysis courses (Sole 24Ore, SDA Bocconi, Lugano Banking Studies Center etc.)
  • Radarscreen 2021 vincitore nella categoria “Materie Prime”. Oltre 80 professionisti hanno partecipato all'iniziativa promossa da SIAT e Société Générale
  • SIAT Technical Analyst Award 2015 aggiudicandosi il titolo di “Best Technical Research nella categoria Multiasset”
  • SIAT Technical Analyst Award 2011 aggiudicandosi il titolo di “SIAT Technical Analyst of the Year”
  • Premio Mondiale IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts) John Brooks Award aggiudicandosi il titolo di miglior MFTA – Master of Financial Technical Analysis 2008-2009 nel mondo
  • Premio Internazionale “Leonardo d’Oro della Ricerca Finanziaria” - 1° posto nel 1999 nella categoria “Analisi Tecnica”; Premio Speciale della Giuria nel 1998 per l’originalità della ricerca e al 2° posto nel 1998 nella categoria “Analisi Tecnica".

Stefano Bini Senior Analyst

Born in Pavia in 1985. In 2007 he graduated in Economics of the Money and Financial Markets and in 2010 he obtained the Master Degree in Finance from the University of Pavia.
Great enthusiast and scholar, for almost 20 years, of financial markets. SIAT Ordinary Professional Member since 2018 and CSTA (Certified SIAT Technical Analyst).

From 2011 to 2017 he worked at Banca Popolare di Sondrio at various agencies in Lombardy and Piedmont.
In March 2017 he joins the Cicli&Mercati team as Senior Analyst andTechnical Customer Support Manager.
He is in charge of all the technical aspects of the elaboration of the reports and proprietary tools, deepening the studies, the development and the tests of the new models and strategies. He provides support to customers regarding methodology and strategies, as well as background on particular aspects of markets.

Professor of SIAT Master in Technical Analysis and speaker at major conferences and events in the world of Technical Analysis and trading.

  • SIAT Technical Analyst Award 2019 aggiudicandosi il titolo di “SIAT Technical Analyst of the Year”
  • Master Istituzionale SIAT - aggiudicandosi il titolo di “miglior corsista dell’anno 2015/16”

Chiara Plumari Customer&Product Manager

Born in Milan in 1984. In 2010 she obtained the Master Degree in Linguistic Sciences for International Management at the Catholic University of Milan.
She began her work experience in the Human Resources area working from 2011 to 2013 for Adecco Italia and Gi Group Spa with the role of selection specialist.

In 2013 she joined the Trading Library team dealing exclusively with the Cicli&Mercati brand taking care of all aspects relating to customer management.
Following the founding of Market Risk Management, she leaves Trading Library to continue working with Francesco Caruso on the new project.

In MRM she is Customer&Product Manager and Web Designer:in addition to customer support and management, she takes care of the entire administrative-accounting part; of the commercial development; of the development, programming and maintenance of company sites; of all the process concerning videos (from making to editing and rendering); the design and implementation of the internal graphics.
She handles the institutional communication, marketing and takes care of the corporate Social Networks.

Valerio Ferri IT Architect

Born in Milan in 1966. Graduated at University of Milan.

Full stack Software and Web developer, System and Software architech/integrator. DBA specialist.

He has been dealing with software for over 25 years. He worked for 5 years at Gruppo Sole 24 Ore, at Microsoft as Digital Evangelist for development tools and is a founding partner of Trading Library.

Expert in customizing, managing and optimizing high traffic WordPress sites.

In 2012 he met Francesco and created the Cicli&Mercati website for him. Since then he collaborates stradily with Market Risk Management and offers his IT consultancy to support choices, tactics and strategies, regarding all the major web projects the company.

Francesco Minojetti Digital Strategist

Born in 1970, scientific education, Bocconi graduate. Married, three children, a dog. Deep connoisseur of the digital ecosystem in its many forms and expressions and in its operational transition.

He has dealt with artificial intelligence systems, neural networks and genetic algorithms; has developed high-tech products and services. He has worked in Italy and abroad in the field of financial consultancy, asset management and data analysis.

He collaborated between 1996 and 2002 with Francesco Caruso in Lugano’s Research, Consulting & Forecasting, contributing decisively to the conception and implementation of one of the best known and innovative advisory services on the financial markets, “L’Ago di Lugano “and the RCFBorsa website.

For some years now he has focused only on his passions and in 2019 he founded BOURN Srl, a “nursery” that converts ideas into operational digital projects: in fact, a “boarding pass” for entrepreneurs and companies who want to exploit the ecosystem digital in a coordinated, competent and active way.
In 2019 he joined the Market Risk Management team with the task of renewing information systems and developing communications, thus returning to work with Francesco Caruso and managing to merge his technological soul with the financial once again.

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